Expertise and Restoration

Fink Builders delivers results as a company comprised of accomplished and highly skilled craftsmen. Areas of expertise range from colonial to contemporary building styles, all tailored to fit every homeowner’s specific need. The company is particularly adept in replicating architectural styles that reflect historical periods from our nation’s past. Much of Fink Builder’s influence in this area came from Jed’s father, Steve, who spent decades in the industry as a builder and who had almost an encyclopedic knowledge and deep appreciation for our forefather’s building techniques. Fink Builders has the ability to create a home that could easily be taken from a page of history.

Alternatively, if a contemporary design is your preference- perhaps with an open floor plan, large areas of glass to maximize ideal views, or a space for elegant entertaining, we can match the need. No matter which style suits you best, we invite you to view our diverse project portfolio within this site to become further acquainted with our work.


Sustainable practices take on a new meaning, especially when we think about the well-being of future generations. Fink Builders consistently makes decisions with an eye toward the future when reviewing building project plans and making recommendations in an effort to provide clients not only with the best in value, but utilizing best practices that protect all of our futures. Fink Builders is committed to the highest level of quality construction possible as we believe that through our actions we will have a positive impact on the environment where we operate. This commitment extends to all aspects and phases of the building process and to the protection of the environment, health and safety of its employees, subcontractors, clients, and neighbors.

Closing Statement

We at Fink Builders L.L.C. thank you for taking the time to explore our company for your building needs. We feel confident that our successful building heritage provides a stable foundation… and our capabilities are bolstered by our talented crew of skilled craftsmen enabling us to handle any size project in a timely manner. We are confident that you will quickly come to find that our insightful yet pragmatic approach to building is why hundreds of satisfied clients regard us as their trusted and preferred building partner.